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Солнечная батарея TWsolar Shingled TH415PMB7-44SCS 415Вт PERC монокристалл
Монокристаллический солнечный модуль TH415PMB7-44SCS произведен по технологии с использованием ..
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Tongwei Solar (TW Solar) is dedicated to R&D, manufacture and marketing of core solar products. As the worldwide largest crystalline silicon solar cell production enterprise, Tongwei Solar has four bases (Hefei, Shuangliu, Meishan and Jintang) and over 9,000 full-time employees. Up till now, the overall capacity of Tongwei Solar has reached 35GW, accounting for 11% of global market share.

Up to now, TW Solar has achieved sustainable profit, full production with sales and operation rate of 100% consecutively in 80 months.

I. Tongwei Solar (Hefei)

TW Solar Hefei base, located in Hefei Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Anhui province, was put into operation from November 18, 2013 and now has 7GW capacity.

Phase I of Hefei Base has 5 poly-crystalline silicon cell production workshops with 40 production lines, ranking top of the line in PV industry.

Phase II of Hefei base finished construction on January 8, 2019. This project fully adopts Rear Passivation technology and features in high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon cell unmanned manufacturing, smart factory and digitalized workshop, which will further increase efficiency and boost profitability and consolidate the leading place in high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell production.

II. Tongwei Solar (Shuangliu)

TW Solar Shuangliu Base (with 13GW capacity) is located in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, Sichuan province.

Phase I of Chengdu Base was put into operation from June 30, 2016. It took only 7 months to complete construction, which won positive media reviews of “Tongwei Speed”, “Shuangliu Speed” and “Chengdu Speed”. In addition, it has become a model project in global PV industry in terms of fast construction, fast production and fast profitability.

Phase II of Chengdu Base was put into operation from September 20, 2017. It took only 7 months to complete the project even in the case of doubled amount of production capacity and construction works, which further refreshed the record of construction period. The production line of Phase II has been upgraded to automated manufacturing, becoming the model project of “smart manufacturing” in Chengdu. In addition, it pioneers in building digital workshop and smart factory, achieves the goal of clean energy “Made in Chengdu” and tries to build a model base of intelligent manufacturing in China.

Phase III of Chengdu Base was put into operation from November 18, 2018 after 6 months’ construction period. This project adopts PERC technology and focus primarily on smart manufacturing of high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon cells and building smart factory and digital workshop. It has become the largest single high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell project that takes the leadership in production technology, equipment, automation and intelligent degree in global PV industry.

Phase IV of Chengdu Project came into operation on November 18, 2019, taking only 7 months to build. This project was newly built, completed and put into production in 2019, which renewed the record of a single workshop’s manufacturing capacity, ranking Tongwei Solar as the most productive single workshop, the most advanced technical skills and production user, the most unmanned and intelligent workshop and an global representative of PV industry. There are totally 16 digitalized production lines producing large-size cell with lower cost and better performance, which consist of automatic mechanical arms and intelligent carrier robot, further contributing to the smart, intelligent,modernized and elaborative management of Tongwei Solar.